Moving Crashmats

Thus far, this blog has mostly focused on films and photography, but I’d like to document a little more of the kind of life a Practitioner of Parkour might have. There is a certain ‘can-do’ attitude that develops through Parkour training and a sort of wily charm that goes with it. In turn, I documented a little escapade we had the other day.

Crashmats are a wondrous invention. They allow attempting new rotations whilst mediating some of the mental fear of injury; and allow one to feel more comfortable to try new movements. A few days ago we embarked on a quest to Newmarket to retrieve a crashmat we had lent to some friends. First, we acquired a suitable female driver (Loren) and after collecting a ragtag bunch, we tested to ensure the crashmat would fit with an existing mat in Luke Hurrells garden. Needless to say, it hardly fit but we theorized that the thinner mat we would be collecting might have greater chances of success. Thus we embarked on a quest to the custom Scaffolding park we constructed in an abandoned building site in Newmarket, where the crashmat was currently stashed. After training for a brief spell on the scaffold setup, we then acquired the crashmat and with the help of Antoine, pushed and pulled until it was in the car and we could ferry it home. Once set up, a multitude of flips off the shed were in order and shall hopefully be for months to come.

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