Sebastien Foucan, Jonny Wilkinson and Fineside

Just released a recent commercial project I directed for Jonny Wilkinson (of England Rugby fame). Up until now, I haven’t been able to announce anything but websites are live and I can finally reveal it! I was asked to produce a short film starring Sebastien Foucan (Casino Royale) as he puts the new clothing that Fineside has designed to the test. The film would show Seb testing the durability and movement functionality of the clothing, and display his movement over, under and through his hometown of Evry, France. We shot with Canon DSLR’s due to their mobility and flexibility in respect to image quality and sensor size, which enables rigs to be as elaborate or simple as required for any given sequence. I also used a Gecoboards Longboard to facilitate the long tracking sequences where I can truly get into the action with Seb, I tend to do this because at the speeds I wanted, Glidecams don’t tend to fare so well. Fineside are a excellent client to work for, and the nice thing about working with Jonny is that the amount of input and the hands on, get involved attitude they have is perfect for Parkour. Here is the finished result! Enjoy!

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