Important YouTube Parkour Videos – Part 3

Here is my third set of important videos that have shaped how Parkour filmmaking has developed over the years. You can read my previous two selections here (Part One) and (Part Two). So moving forward, I have a set of three more videos which I feel are really important to both filmmaking, but the actual growth of Parkour itself. These are all essential viewing, especially the older ones!

This is WIDE (2009), my personal favourite Parkour video ever. Its a very cleverly crafted piece, with some incredible movements and a stunning location. This was one of the very first instances where vfx/stunts were really used in a Parkour video, especially during the falling scene (which is still absolutely superb). The music is a flawless choice and the actual filmmaking and imagery is second to none. All in all, this is the video I look to for inspiration.

Here is another key video. Its incredibly old (2004?), and these are the people that got me into Parkour. TCT or ‘The Cambridge Traceurs’ were more or less, the best group in the UK in 2005, and their videos were heralded as one of the best you could watch. I still remember thinking how incredible they were at parkour. Even now, this video isnt so rusty!

Finally, we have Blane’s video ‘Power is Nothing Without Control’ (2006). What I find so incredible here, is that at its time, this video was regarded as one of the highest displays of skill. Having the ability to Muscle-Up was virtually unheard of back when the video was originally released. Watching these videos really brings home just how much things have progressed, you can see that in the difference between this and WIDE (only 3 years) how the skill level rose so rapidly.

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