Move – Aarhus Gathering Video

We recently released the video from the Aarhus Gathering! It features Parkour, Dancing, Diving and many a shot of the good times shared at the event. I aimed to try something new with this film, using a song style thats a little bit faster than I usually work with, which allowed me to play with all kinds of edit manipulations like slowmotion, cuts, chops and even some typography.

As usual, I placed all the effects within Final Cut, along with capturing some Minecraft footage using Screenflow. I shot this video on a Canon 60D using the Cinestyle picture style. Edited on Final Cut Pro and graded with Magic Bullet. The swimming/diving segment was shot with a GoPro HD Hero.

Thanks go out to Matthias Andersen, Jacob Mortensen and Jim & Joe Hougaard. Enjoy!

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