Canon PowerShot G3X
Promotional Film in Istanbul

I’m pleased to announce that I have been working with canon over the last 6 months as the UK influencer for their new campaign. The camera I have been primarily promoting is the new Canon G3X, a superzoom powershot with a load of neat features. In this post I’ll be discussing the video shoot for the promotional film, and in the next I’ll be talking about my time shooting with the camera and other canon products during my media events in London.

The promotional film for the camera was actually shot last December, in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. I was so hyped to get out there as Istanbul is a city I knew was a rich clash of cultures and I was excited that the backdrop to the film would be so diverse.

I had the pleasure of bringing Ampisound athlete, Neil Cointet, out to star in the film also. Neil has a really unique look, which I think gave the final film a progressive and cool character, along with being a talented athlete in his own right. We were blessed to enjoy a few days in Istanbul, both scouting shooting and exploring during our days off from the project.

Some of my favourite moments of the shoot ended up being key points in the film, most notably the final epic sunset shot. That moment was especially amazing as Neil and I had been facing away as the sun rose, with the crew shooting us from both a drone and cinema cameras, and I remember Neil turned back for a peek and said to me ‘Scott mate, you won’t believe ways behind us right now’. Turns out it was the most incredible view ever!


Another favourite was the line at the very opening of the film, which was shot on the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar (also the location of the opening to 007: Skyfall). That was a lot of fun to check out and made for a really cool opening to my film too.

I got a lot of input into the film, from our wardrobe to locations and movements, and I didn’t read from a script for the voiceover. It’s all taken from a discussion I had with the director and agency that was recorded, so it was nice to talk in my actual words and have my real voice on the film. Canon were really keen to keep Neil and I as authentic as possible, which is a decision I really respected and appreciated in working with them.


Istanbul was an amazing place, and it was a pleasure to work with a stellar crew who secured some amazing locations, and ensured we were cared for and safe throughout. I had a great experience on the shoot and would recommend Istanbul to anyone who is thinking about visiting!