Redbull Art of Motion London 2011 – Arrivals

So I arrived in London today to rain. It was soggy, grey and generally pretty standard for England. Nevertheless, I found my hotel with a little walking, set up and bumped straight into Jan Barcikowski in the foyer of the ‘Mad Hatter’ hotel no less. Throwing 30+ of some of the most talented athletes into a hotel together leads to a lot of fun. Corks in corridors, a lot of video-watching and someone even brought an N64 for Super Smash Brothers tournaments. After meeting everyone (and I mean everyone, the amount of people here is silly, the full list of whos here can be found on the redbull website. After hooking up, I had a look at the course. Its much better than the Vienna one, with a more varied setup which should cater for more diverse types of movement, with multiple levels and platforms, bars and actual parts of the National Theatre embedded into the obstacles, which is really cool. As of right now, Im not allowed to show you guys any pictures of the course but i’ll update with another post as soon as I can. Whilst at the venue, we have a sweet athletes area with unreleased PS3 games, beanbags, food and what is probably the best view of the area, a huge top balcony overlooking the Thames and the setup below. We had a wonderful sunset tonight and I got a wonderful picture which I’ll throw up in good time. Afterwards we all went for an amazing meal at a very swish resturant, where we all ate, drank and were very happy. Finally, retiring for this quick blog post and then bed before a day of intense shooting tomorrow. Art of Motion is a lot of fun and im very excited for Sunday! Its a free event, so if you’re in London, go to Waterloo station, walk to the river and we’re right next to the bridge. Its going to be awesome!