Ampisound 2.0

Welcome to the new blog! Its taken far too long, far too much trouble and far too much learning, but we’re here. This will serve as the (hopefully permanent) homepage for anything that happens in respect to Ampisound for the indefinite future. I’ve been secretly posting content here as I’ve been working on the site and learning as I go, so there is a decent amount of backlog material for you to take a look through. I’ll be updating pretty frequently, atleast twice a week and I’ll cover both new things that are going on, the odd bit of community news and maybe even the odd guest post (if you’re interested in that, drop me a line at the ‘Contact’ section) aswell as going back over some old content and explaining how we did what we did, why we did it and all the bits inbetween.

During the creation process of this system, Lets take a quick look at what we’ve achieved.

  • Learnt WordPress
  • Broken & Started Afresh 4 times
  • Annoyed my Webmaster a LOT
  • Relived amazing memories whilst writing this content
  • Learnt how to design a user experience
  • Fully understood SEO
  • Found that the community needs more than it has

The journey is just getting started, and I hope you will join me in enjoying it!