A SQUASH’D Parkour POV for Robinsons

In the last few weeks of feburary, we were approached by FLOW and Robinsons, who requested we conceptualise and produce a POV Parkour video for the new Robinsons SQUASH’D range of products. Our brief was to show that the product can be used in any environment (it was to accompany this amazing video with the product being made in zero gravity). Following the success of our Mirrors Edge Parkour POV, we had Ampisound athlete, Neil Cointet, involved to capture the movement. The great thing about working with Neil, is that along with his fast and powerful style, after completing the ‘core movements’ in a line, he will always sprint into and out of a line a good 5 seconds longer than he needs to. This means there is a real sense of urgency and velocity to his movements, which I think translates well into the fast paced nature of the video.