Turbolenza – Following the Flow Promo!

A promotional film I directed for Turbolenza was released today! It features Kie Willis, Alex Potts, Austin Phillips and Luke Hurrell moving through Cambridge together. Shot by myself and Visive, we aimed to encapsulate some of the beauty of Cambridge that is lost in most Parkour films, whilst ensuring to project the message of ‘Following the Flow’ that Turbolenza embodies.

Check out Turbolenza to see what they are about, and there will be a full behind the scenes write up on this project soon!

3 comments on “Turbolenza – Following the Flow Promo!

  1. Scott, You’re absolutely right about not seeing the beauty of Cambridge in most other PK videos. Sitting halfway across the world, I recognised some of the places in the video, but putting these places in the middle of some of the wider shots, gives it so much more context and interest.

    Would have liked a few more detail shots in the middle and end (like the close up of eyes and hand on wall). As always excellent stuff. Love the music choice too.

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