Best Films from ShAFF 2013

So I just got back from an incredible weekend away at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. Myself and Alex Potts spent the weekend viewing some of last years best adventure films, and we took away a lot of positive vibes from the experience. I found a lot of inspiration and have already gotten new ideas developing! I wanted to highlight my selection of a few of the films I felt were the absolute cream of the crop from the event, so while these aren’t Parkour films, there is something in these few choices that everyone can appreciate.

This is easily my absolute favourite film of the festival. The cinematography is incredible, the location is utterly beautiful and the actual activity itself just exudes a sense of such freedom. This is the kind of emotion I want my work to create.

An interesting exploration of life after tragedy and the catharsis that comes from a creative outlet. The introduction can be a little bit long, but it sets the tone for the amazing payoff at the end.

One of the most energetic films I saw, its pure bike action and just looks like an awful lot of fun.

Alex had shown me this before, but it’s just so very good. Reinventing what can be done on Ski’s and where it can be done.