Mirror’s Edge

Throughout our community Parkour videos, there has always been an undertone of videogaming. From Minecraft, to Mario, to Smash Bros and even Gamecube. Today we released our Mirror’s Edge Parkour POV video. Its the kind of thing that we’ve always dreamed of being able to produce, and we’re really happy to have been able to achieve it. If this video is well recieved, we would love to expand upon the idea and produce more.

22 comments on “Mirror’s Edge

  1. This was by far, the best POV parkour video i’ve seen. And i’ve been stalking parkour since 2007. So fluid. Amazing work, who are the runner?

  2. This was incredible. I’ve watched a few parkour videos now and then, but Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite games, and this video gave me chills watching it. Perfectly done. I’d love to see you expand and do more… please?

    • Absolutely agreed Ron. They must have vetted the sites before the run. Often see loose parapets and capping stones. Also, there is the matter of damage done – especially to tiled roofs and those copper roofs seen in the video. Not to mention the many killed and injured going through corrugated asbestos roofs, or flat roofs that are totally rotten under the asphalt covering. Great performances. But really stupid.

  3. I’ve never seen anything like it, didn’t want it to stop. Who ever did the running, climbing and jumping has nerves of steel and great sense of balance. Excellent!

  4. Ok, having watched this only once, my testicles have disappeared into my body and they are never coming back, awesome !

  5. Awesome 😀

    I legit watched it like 5 times over…
    Unbelievable 😀

    I’m guessing you used a chin camera rather than a head or shoulder camera to get the full effect 😀

  6. Idea for a second video would be to shoot in 3d stereoscopically to be played back on an occulus rift. Now THAT would be intense!

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