Aarhus Gathering 2011 Video Coming Soon!

Due to all the corporate and professional projects I’ve been working on recently (more to come about that shortly), I’ve been more or less unable to truly undertake any more personal, community projects such as the original videos I started making in the first place. Luckily, the kind folks in Aarhus, Denmark invited me over to their annual jam. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get some time to focus back on the Parkour community and truly appreciate the movement and people that make the practice so special to me.

The gathering took place at the Globus1 gym, which proved to be an excellent venue for the event. A large Air-Track (big flat bouncy castle) and basic training apparatus were available at all times, along with Basketball, Volleyball and Table Tennis. This was augmented by the wealth of training locations we visited, as well as a trip to a pool where I got especially sunburnt due to the 31 Degree sunshine at the time.

The video is very close to picture lock, and after colour grading the release date is penned for Wednesday 13th July on my Traceurelements YouTube Channel. For now, here is a screenshot of the current edit timeline to tease you just a little!