Behind the Scenes of Constant Motion

Constant Motion was the culmination of a winters worth of footage, mostly collected in Moreton. Daniel Ilabaca and myself sought to produce a film which featured Parkour-type movements, but which also explored other realms of expression. Skateboarding, Blading etc were all things we decided to film, but as we continued to film, we found that we weren’t creating something that we found a fresh sense of joy in ourselves. With this in mind, one day we set out with a rope and decided to swing around whatever we could find. This is a really strange experience, the rope is difficult to control and its nothing like regular Parkour training. Then with a little thought, I proposed we employ (steal) an idea I’d seen in a skateboarding video, and we were set. We purchased some florescent green card from a local shop, and set to fitting the tubing to the rope. Then we simply shot a clean frame, then chroma keyed out all the green in Final Cut, thus resulting in the invisible rope effect. A similar technique was achieved with the skateboard.

Here is a gallery of a collection of images I shot during this period. Some are more artistic, some closer to lifestyle. Some are processed, some are raw. I have a wealth of other images taken during this time, so I will do a follow-up post with more images in time.