Point of Contact & Tree POV

In January, I worked on a technical parkour documentary with my good friend, Duncan ‘TK17’ Germain. He wrote a collection of his thoughts about the mechanics of Parkour for me, and I worked on that and incorporated it into a 15min documentary style piece. That was released publicly this week, and its with pleasure I can finally share it. Point of Contact was a really enjoyable project for me. It marked the first time I’d done any voiceover work for a video, and in many ways sparked a change in how I want Ampisound to integrate with the Parkour community at large. In the earlier days of Parkour, it was up to the thinkers such as Duncan, or Blane, or the TCT, to guide the progression and share knowledge in regards to Parkour. Making Point of Contact was one way I wanted to add input to that legacy.

Secondly, Is a small POV video we produced in the best tree I’ve ever seen. I gave a GoPro camera to Ampisound member, Neil Cointet, and he explored the tree and the areas surrounding it. As result, we get a bit of a Tarzan influence on the video, which we played off more strongly with the music selection.