Parkour Tour: Visiting Madrid

One of our ongoing projects is the Parkour Tour, a film making project where we take one skilled Traceur to the home city of a foreign Parkour community. We capture the journey, the movements and the local culture. In turn we produce a series of videos from each city, which highlight all aspects of the practice and really shine a light on communities that we feel are inspiring to us.

The first city I wanted to visit was Madrid. Having already visited Barcelona, I thought that the Spanish capital would be a very interesting choice, and wasn’t proven wrong! I asked our good friend Will Sutton to join the Tour for episode one because he’s a kind soul, incredibly talented and expressed interest to travel more in the past. A perfect fit for the new adventure ahead!

Madrid itself has some of the best spots I’ve ever seen, such variety in atmosphere and architectural diversity exists there. We trained atop a mountain, on an amazing wooden structure and around some of the largest single training areas I’ve seen yet.

The community is also first rate, a collection of friendly and welcoming people with a very high level to boot. I can honestly say that the solidarity I’ve seen in Madrid is inspiring and an excellent example of how practicing movement can bring people together.

Here are some of the pictures I took with my iPhone whilst we were exploring and filming, the first episode will be out very soon!