The Cutting Room Floor

Last Winter, Wiliam Spencer (most known for the video Hollorado) stayed in Moreton at the Ilabaca Family House for a few weeks. During this time, there was a wealth of snow and ice so both Parkour and Skateboarding was difficult. It was cold, the days were short and we got bored. So we decided to make a movie. It was a simple enough concept, Danny and Will find a mysterious golden statue in the street. Suddenly, they find themselves pursued by a money-hungry gangster (Chris Ilabaca) and a Russian gymrat played by myself (Scott Bass) and their henchman (Rob Hooper, Alex Potts, Jack Cooper, Phil Doyle). Meanwhile, a Cop (Martin Tucker) and his Asian sidekick (Paul Chan) also hope to hunt down the statue for themselves. We filmed it all, more or less, myself and Antoine Dutilh shot the whole film. Literally, the entire thing. Action scenes, chase scenes, drama scenes, comedy, the entire thing. One scene Danny uses a rope for a glorious swing off a rooftop and around a lamp-post whilst kicking me out of the way, another where there is an all out brawl in a boiler room. We made what is more or less, an entire movie. And its all sitting on a tape somewhere in Dannys house. Unedited, Unfinished and probably never to be released to the world.

These images are the only thing I have to show that we filmed anything. Some are from times off whilst shooting, and playing in the snow, others from the scenes which was not in. Nevertheless, it was a really good piece of work we made and maybe just one day, I’ll be able to get hold of those tapes and put it together. The footage really deserves it. Here is a small video of us messing around whilst we werent shooting.

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  1. Forgot all about this, just remember the 15 takes of stacking it on the ice didn’t half hurt still got a scar from the ice burn

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