Starting off 2018, our main aim is to release one video a month on Youtube. There was a number of projects we worked on over 2017, but a lot of them were for third parties. This year, expect more regular content, whether it is a pure community parkour video, or something that is brand sponsored, the goal is to be creating twelve videos throughout the course of this year for our own channels.

Here is the first video, internally titled ‘Project Jumps’, it was shot entirely on Canon 5D Mk3 with Magic Lantern Raw. The footage has such excellent dynamic range and colour, far outstripping the Sony cameras we usually use. The downside is the cumbersome workflow, lack of playback options and massive file-sizes. Luckily, as this project was simply to capture recent parkour training in Cambridge, it was not an issue as there were no time pressures to deal with.

Check out the video below and make sure you’re subscribed to the ampisound youtube channel for future uploads!

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