For a long time, we wanted to make a girl parkour project that feels as close to a typical parkour video as possible. In the past, it seemed like all the female parkour videos were really focusing on that more than a usual ‘male’ parkour video, which felt a bit like a gimmick instead of the girls ability standing on its own.

So, we teamed up with Renae Dambly and Saskia Neville, who wonderfully talented upcoming female athletes, and we shot this over four days. We put a lot of effort into this project, and we really hope you support females in parkour as much as we do!

Also, here is a collection of extra footage from the Bright Cities, Girl Parkour project. We did a number of takes for each sequence, and had some extra clips that were too long or not the right fit for the main video. This project was particularly exciting because its the first time I used my DJI Mavic Pro to film parkour, so it was a unique project in a number of ways!