4 The Love of Movement 2014

We were invited out to the Netherlands by JUMP Freerun to produce the official video for the 4 The Love of Movement jam for the second year running. This time around, they really grew the event, with a HUGE indoor setup. We also got to spend some time at the Freeflow gym and in Amsterdam too, and the experience was absolutely fantastic. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved and we’re look forward to seeing what those dutch legends cook up in the future!

We also produced an episode of FLOW goes, covering the event from a more documentary standpoint. We really wanted to demonstrate how successful a grassroots event can be, organised and produced entirely within the parkour community and without relying on commercial involvement, really good to see practitioners building the future of the movement.

You can see more information about this yearly event at the Official WebsiteWe also covered this event last year, check it out here!

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