Ampisound Parkour Desktop Background Two

It feels like a good moment for another wallpaper pack to be released. This time around, you can download a shot that I put a lot of time into, through planning and editing, so it feels like it would be the ideal shot for one of these downloads. This shot features Jason Paul, Phil Doyle and Alex Potts jumping the ‘Roofgap’ in Cambridge. I tried to shoot this from a different angle than typically would be chosen. I’m tiring of the standard ‘side on angle, oh look its a bit of a drop’ shots and I’m finding I’d much rather show the art of movement in ways that remind me of how I first saw it.

I want my photography to inspire mystery, bring back the ‘How did they do that?!’ feeling that you might have gotten when you first saw movement. This spine tingling wonderment, when you see a physical boundary suddenly broken before your eyes is one of the most exhilarating and exciting emotions in my opinion, and by capturing this shot like a pedestrian suddenly looking up only to catch a glimpse of these three shapes across the sky, I hope to achieve that.


Included are a widescreen and a fullscreen version of this image. Both images are over HD resolution so they should work for almost everyone. If you dont have a twitter account, share this post on facebook or something then send me a message on the Contact page and I’ll hook you up with the download link. Enjoy!