Inspire Parkour Tour

So when I was invited by the Ilabaca family to join them on a roadtrip from the UK to Italy, to attend the Beach Freesports Festival. Of course, I accepted the invitation! The trip itself was amazing, so many new landscapes and places in such a short timeframe. In short our journey looked a bit like:

Dover (UK) -> Dunkirk (France) -> Brussels (Belgium) -> Somewhere in Germany -> Biel (Switzerland) -> Up a mountain in the Alps by accident -> Bergamo (Italy from now on) -> Krap Parkour Park -> Bologna -> Francavilla Al Mare (Beach Festival)

We were on the road a lot but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. I made a video of the trip which marked the first of my Summer Challenge films (eight videos in eight weeks), and its had a great reception so far!

Here are a few Instagrams I took during the trip!