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Over the past summer, we’ve been collecting footage for a number of videos to release on the traceurelements YouTube channel. Ideally, the plan was to release Progression 5 as the next video. As it stands, we need to negotiate worldwide rights for the music (at the moment we only have UK rights, and four different companies own rights in different continents) or more likely it needs a complete re-edit and brand new soundtrack. So instead of putting everything on hold until a replacement is found (which could be months) we’re going to release some other videos in the meantime.

Coming first, is a short video with Sebastien Foucan moving through the forest. Then will be the first major video from Austin Phillips, which features almost every rooftop in Cambridge. After those two, we’re considering editing parts one and two of ‘Cargo’ to make it into a proper video, if it works. Otherwise we have a video featuring some jolly chaps called ‘Breakfast Club’ that’s 90% complete and finally, 4RCHIVE (Archive 4) could be compiled fairly easily after that. Maybe Progression 5 can fit in somewhere!

The main issue is that as things have progressed for Ampisound, we’ve found ourselves with less time to produce community videos. Scott was filming in Canada this summer, Phil spent a lot of time working in the US, Austin has moved to London, Zak was in the Caribbean etc plus the professional work during that time. The good news is that we’ve got more ideas than ever and if all goes well, there should be some community focused content coming out soon! For now, here is a sneaky screengrab!

Sebastien Foucan – La Voix De La Forêt

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