Cambridge Parkour POV

Its been a bit of a hectic week really. The video we released last friday has had an incredible response, over 300,000 views as of today and its been posted in virtually every news outlet in the UK.  Its been amazing for the growth of the Ampisound channel and we’re planning to produce a range of new POV videos in the future! Due to the range of questions from youtube comments and facebook etc, James and myself wanted to get a few of them answered in public for you!

What type of camera did you use?

We used a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition. You can grab one at the following links – US – UK

Where was the camera mounted?

James used a custom built head-mount for the video.

How did you get it so smooth?

A combination of having extra smooth movement on James part, some slowmo and a bit of After Effects.

How long did it take to film the video?

We filmed over a couple of days in Cambridge and then collaborated on the edit over a few days.

What do you make your video intros in?

The ampisound logos are generally done in After Effects or as keyframe animations within Premiere Pro. It depends on the nature of each one!

What was the music in the video?

Scott picked out the music for the video, which was a song called ‘Placid Acid’ by Tourist. If you liked the music, you should buy it here! –

What was the hardest part of the video to film?

James doesn’t believe any part of the video was ‘hard’ to film, he enjoys Parkour too much!