Long Exposure Boarding

Austin and myself went out to try my new Gecoboard a while back, here are some long exposures we took while we bombed a hill nearby. The setup for these shots was very simple, two LED torches (One for each hand) and a tripod was all we needed. In terms of technical info, I shot at f/10 to avoid diffraction and also because I wanted the lights to retain quite a nice rounded and soft look, and narrower apertures would have changed that somewhat. The other tip I really have to give here is that if you have a camera with ‘Live View’, when you’re shooting night scenes its a great idea to flip it on and adjust your white balance by eye on the screen, instead of flipping through each setting and taking test shots. For these images I shot at 2500K, which is why even though the light we shot under was the standard streetlight yellow, in the images it appears white and this the road/grass etc all looks the way it does. I added in a few post processing effects to aid along with the mood I was hoping to create with them. I added a fairly strong vignette, crushed the black toward blue and added some anamorphic lens flare effects to help fill out the top parts of the image where the streetlights are over the dark of the night.