We’ve been keeping track of 360 camera tech for a while now, and due to our relationship with GoPro and our new friends at Wiral, we were hooked up with some new kit and wanted to make a video with it.

We had already been planning to make a project to unveil the new Ampisound team, a group of athletes that have been close to Ampisound for years and now represent the brand officially. To serve this goal, the new team put together a concept video using all 360 footage.

The key thing about shooting Parkour is getting the sense of motion both with the camera and the movement, and using a 360 camera allows really dynamic, close-up, camera moves to be achievable through the use of selfie sticks, wire cam systems and reframing in post. The editing and keyframing for this project took a long time, but the shots made it worth it.

If you want a wire cam system of your own, you can save 10% using discount code ‘AMPISOUND’ (about $39) on the Wiral Lite!